Consultants for Community (CFC) is an Educational Consulting Group which assists in creating collaborative partnerships among all stakeholders involved in the field of disabilities and special education. We provide meaningful and applicable strategies and resources to promote positive outcomes in all aspects of life for individuals with disabilities from birth through end of life.  

Your relationship with money involves more than your bank account. It affects your family, your future and so much more. We'll show you the difference between simply managing your money and being wise with it. Many companies give back. At Thrivent Financial, we help people live generously. Our members offer hope, reach out to those in despair and show God's love in amazing ways.

Children with Down Syndrome and children with Autism are great blessings, but there are numerous physical, emotional and financial challenges that they and their

families face. While facing all these challenges there are endless fears. One of the biggest is the stigma of how the public will treat your son or daughter. We look at our golf tournament as a way to celebrate these amazing individuals along with creating awareness for them!


We want to do all that we can to help people understand these diagnoses. The more people know and understand, the more we can try to prevent ignorance in our society. These individuals have so much love to give that we need to embrace them, and take a page out of their book and give that love back to them! Society always wants to point
out all the things that are wrong with an individual with Down Syndrome or Autism, but there is so much that is right and it’s our responsibility to be there for them! 

Visuals are the first impression of your identity, business or project. The Graphical Eye understands that an image can make or break your existence and is dedicated to making your first impression memorable for all of the right reasons!


All projects that we work on are approached with the same amount of creativity and care because we do not believe that there is such a thing as a small project.

At Riddle Law Group, we approach estate planning with the objective of maintaining familial relationships which can be easily and catastrophically damaged without proper planning. We start from the ground up for each and every client in developing a customized,well-tailored plan which takes

into consideration varying family dynamics.  We believe that no one estate plan fits more than one family, and we customize each plan accordingly.  


With 20 years of litigation experience, we are able to recognize areas which could potentially lead to protracted and expensive litigation if not properly addressed in the planning stages.At Riddle Law Group we understand the importance of family relationships and work hard to preserve them.

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