Author's Rachel Morgan & Paige Morgan, a mother daughter duo, team up to share with their readers how they took a difficult situation and turned it into a positive educational experience.  Paige shares her story in the introduction which inspired her mother Rachel to pen her first children's book, Building Forever Friendships.  The lifelike characters & colorful artwork brings alive the message of acceptance, inclusion and building lifelong friendships among all children. 


Rachel is a wife and mother of four amazing children, her eldest son having a diagnosis of autism as an attribute. She brings a perspective of both a parent of a child with autism and as an educational professional.  Rachel has a  Master's in Education with an emphasis in early intervention in Autism and is Internationally Certified as an Autism Specialist.  She is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in Education with an emphasis in Andragogy from Lindenwood University.  Rachel founded the Adam Morgan Foundation, a non-profit organization, in 2008 which assists families raising children with autism in her community.  She is also the Owner/President of Consultants for Children, LLC, this is an educational consulting business that assists in creating collaborative partnerships between educators, families, self-advocates and community organizations within the special education field.  The Author's hope you will gain a new positive perspective on how to include your friend with autism or other special needs in your ever day life, and see their super powers shine through just as Paige sees in her brother!

Rachel Morgan

Ed.D, CAS, Author, National Speaker

8th Grader, NJHS President, Author

Paige Morgan

“Through firsthand experience and collaboration with her daughter, Rachel Morgan has written a child-centered, respectful, and supportive social-relationship story and guide, Building Forever Friendships. Using storytelling and helpful tips, social relationship aspects are addressed for students who have autism and social-relationship support needs. Common sense and respect rule in this helpful guide.”

- Patrick Schwarz, Ph.D., Professor, Diversity in Learning and Teaching Program, Author, Educational Consultant, Teacher Preparation National Louis University, Chicago 

“Building Forever Friendships is a must-read guide for professionals caring for and parents raising children with autism. Rachel Morgan has the uncanny ability to address sensitive issues that arise in the home, school, and community for children on the spectrum and their typical peers. Through beautiful and masterful storytelling, she helps all of us have a better understanding of why inclusion and acceptance are not just lofty, but achievable, goals for which we all can aspire.”


- Areva Martin, Esq., Harvard-Educated Attorney, Co-founder and President of the Nonprofit Special Needs Network, Inc., Nationally Recognized Legal Authority and Expert on Autism, and New York Times Best-Selling Author of The Everyday Advocate 

“We have a lot of diversity in schools, and the book Building Forever Friendships has been a great tool in bridging students with autism with their typically developing peers. Teachers have used it in some of the classrooms in my building, and they have said that the scenarios and tips have proven helpful and make everything easier for children to understand.”

- Nicole Shidaker, Elementary School Principal

“This book is an amazing resource that can help students identify with their classmates and understand their behavioral patterns. With the tips included on each page, children can easily recognize some of the behaviors they see in their peers and know that is “typical” behavior that is not directed personally at them. This recognition can help to strengthen relationships.”


- Leigh Ann Parker, Ed.D., Elementary School Principal 

“Building Forever Friendships is a wonderful resource for elementary schools. The book’s child-friendly approach makes it easy to read and comprehend.  Example scenarios throughout the book deliver thoughtful tips and insights that will translate to real-life situations.”


- Lisa Sandbothe, M.Ed., Elementary School Counselor

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