For those without a disability technology makes life easier, 
but for those with a disability
Technology Makes Life Possible!

In 2017, AMF made the choice to move the unmovable, to impact our community in such a way that no one deemed possible, thus inspiring others to take action.  The intent of the "Apple A Day" program is to award as many iPad/tablets to individuals with a disability, to help them find their voice and be increasingly included within their communities.  Our efforts to create a voice, where one did not exist prior to, cannot take effect unless we have the support of people such as yourself. 

By donating, you will have personally and forever bettered the lives of not just a child, but to the community with which the child lives.

The Adam Morgan Foundation has been granted not-for-profit status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.  Our Federal Tax I.D. # is 26-2384254.  Deductions are limited to the excess of the amount paid for the item(s) over the fair market value.  This is a good faith estimate by our organization and may not reflect “fair market value”.  We encourage you to consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility to you. 

Apple A Day Program


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