1st Annual AMF National Conference

April 24th - 25th, 2019

Thank you to all of our Sponsors, speakers, and attendees

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Who We Are

The Adam Morgan Foundation was founded on April 15th, 2008 and provides resources, free parent consultations, sensory equipment, and iPads/tablets to families raising children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and/or other co-occurring conditions in the State of Missouri specifically in St. Charles, St. Louis County/City. 


Take a look at our Board and see how they are the most passionate people serving you to help create the most inclusive community possible.


  • Helped over 1000 families in the St. Charles & St. Louis areas. 

  • Provided equipment to families for their homes. Some examples are, but not limited to

    • Pressure/weighted vests

    • Weighted blankets

    • iPads

    • iTunes gift cards

    • Net swings 

  • Services and Supports provided

    • Speech Therapy assessments

    • Occupational Therapy assessments

    • FREE Workshops, to name a few

      1. Estate/Financial Planning

      2. Technology Support

      3. How to create inclusive opportunities at school & in the community

      4. Communication & Collaboration among stakeholders

      5. Empowering Self-Advocates. 

These services and supports are provided in the home/educational setting with an emphasis on coaching the parents and educators to promote collaboration.


  • We have funded over 100 weeks of specialty & inclusion camps for children with Autism

Our Mission

The Adam Morgan Foundation is dedicated to creating inclusive opportunities for individuals with autism and/or other co-occurring conditions within all aspects of their lives through education, awareness, access to communication preference, and technology.

Communication is a key area that the foundation supports greatly through our Apple A Day Program, which was launched in 2017!


To date, we have provided over 200 iPad/tablets to promote inclusive opportunities through the support of technology.


For those without disabilities, technology makes life easier; for those with disabilities, technology makes life possible!


There is an emphasis on empowering all stakeholders and giving them the tools and support system to “guide” the individual with Autism and/or co-occurring disabilities to having a fulfilling, healthy, happy and productive life! 


Our hope for these families is to also continue to give them support and resources for working together with their child’s educators and to bring consistency for our precious children across the board at school and at home. 

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